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Innovative Web Design For Local Business

Websites are more than just landing pages for customers, they're first impressions of your business. With websites becoming increasingly complex and dynamic in nature over the years, it is crucial to stay updated with modern trends or else risk being left behind by competitors who have already caught onto them first! Our vision at Prairie Tide Technologies Inc is simple, we are dedicated to providing you with custom designs tailored towards you and your customer's needs. We want you to stand out above your competitors with a web experience your customers have never seen before.

Why Is Web Design Crucial For Your Business?

Web design and development are some of the most important investments that you will make for your business. Websites allow businesses to attract new customers by providing them with an innovative, interactive experience they have never seen before. This is something that can help set a company apart from its competitors as well as provide long-term benefits such as retaining clientele over time. We take this approach at Prairie Tide Technologies Inc, we focus not just on creating beautiful websites but also giving your customers total control over how they navigate around their site through interactivity.

Think of Your Website as Your Digital Business Card

Imagine your business website without all its functionality. It wouldn't be able to help you grow and succeed in your competitive market, but with the right web design process from our team at Praire Tide Tech, we can provide everything necessary to help you get the most out of your site! We'll cover SEO structure: keywords that will give users immediate value when they visit their homepage or search page; speed which is crucial if people want an interactive and efficient experience. cross-platform compatibility so there aren’t any glitches if your customers are visiting your site via their mobile device, desktop, tablet, or laptop! Lastly, we provide custom content geared towards helping rank higher than competitors online through google searches. By following this process, we are able to help your business gain more visibility while keeping the aesthetically pleasing aspect of web design available to your customers.

Our web design process

Seamless, High-Quality Performance-Based Web Design

Step 1

Understanding who you are and what you do

People like to do business with people they like. That's why we start by getting to know you and your business. Together, we celebrate what makes you who you are! Our web design process begins by understanding who you are and what you do so that we can replicate your best qualities online. This is the only way your presence will represent you well in this world of evolving technology and shrinking attention spans.

Step 2

Design concepts and functionality

We want to make sure that we deliver on our promise to you. That's, why we will provide you with concept designs so that you’re aware of what to expect as a final product and more importantly, to make sure you like the approach we're taking!. Prairie Tide Technologies Inc is innovating the world of web design by creating designs that are unique, functional, tailored towards your needs, and based on quality web standards.

Step 3

Relax knowing we are hard at work

This is where we get our hands dirty and we love it! We will start your build based on the information you have provided us and will complete 90% of the build. We do this to make the final process as efficient as possible. With the remaining 10%, you will receive a preview of the site where you will be able to see your site displayed on desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet. Want us to change anything? No problem! We will note down the changes you’d like to have made after you’ve had reasonable time to look over your new site, implement them, and voila! Your new website is ready to go live!

"Prairie Tide has helped me go from attempting to build my own websites taking up a ton of my time doing what I did not enjoy. When I connected with them, they were able to give me a WAY more professional look on my website, very quickly at a very affordable price AND I didn't have to do any of it other than give them information to put into the website which I LOVED!!! Why waste all your time building amateur websites when you can hire an affordable professional to do it WAY better than yourself."
Evan Huslage
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