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I Am Health


I Am Health is a local massage & reflexologist in Saskatoon. They provide services such as reflexology, relaxation, visceral manipulation, and a multitude of of deep tissue massage services!

I Am Health: Massage Therapist & Reflexologist In Saskatoon

I Am Health is a local massage therapist and reflexologist located in Saskatoon. They are dedicated to not only help their clientele feel better, but to provide them knowledge on natural health therapy techniques they can take home and continue to use throughout their daily lives.

What they offer:

1. Reflexology Massage

2. Relaxation Massage

3. Lymph Drainage Massage

4. Craniosacral Massage

5. Viscreal Manipulation Massage

What we've done for them:

1. Custom Website Design

2. Google Business Profile Creation & Optimization

3. Search Engine Optimization

The work we have done for I Am Health

I Am Health started as a single therapist renting a room near Lorne avenue. They wanted to not only get into their own space, but to be able to hire multiple therapists in order to help grow the business. Without a website nowadays, that can be difficult to do. First thing we did was build a website with very detailed SEO content plan and layout in order to get them in front of customers looking for massage and reflexology. Within a short amount of time, I Am Health started seeing rankings on the first page of Google and Google Business Profile listings! In about 9 months, they have since moved into an office of their own and are now a team of 3 full time therapists.

What we are doing

We continue to provide I Am Health with tailored SEO to help their business rank for other keywords in order to gain more customer inquiries. We are blessed to have been able to help I Am Health grow their business and we cant wait to see what the future holds!


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