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NBS Auto Repair


NBS Auto Repair & Tire Shop is a local automotive shop in Edmonton. They supply affordable new and used tires as well as almost every other automotive service possible. The team is always ready to help customers get new tires and fix up any issues they have with their vehicles!

NBS Auto Repair & Tire Shop: Auto Repair & Tire Shop In Edmonton

NBS Auto Repair and Tire Shop is a local automotive shop located in Edmonton Alberta. With more than 10 years of experience, the NBS team is dedicated to helping each of their clients get set up with affordabel new and used tires and getting clients vehicles fixed in timely fashion.

What they offer:

1. New & Used Tires

2. A/C Repair

3. Body Work

4. Brake Repair

5. Electrical Repair

6. Engine Repair

7. Vehicle Inspections

8. Oil Changes

9. Suspension Repair

10. Windshield Repair

What we've done for them:

1. Custom Website Design

2. Google Business Profile Optimization

3. Search Engine Optimization

The work we have done for NBS Auto Repair & Tire Shop

When we first got in contact with NBS, they didn't have any web presence whatsoever. First things first, we established what needed to be done and what the overall goal was of their website. After distinguishing what was expected out of the web build, we got to work. We built a website that was easy to navigate and straight to the point. All with one goal in mind, conversions. Since we have built their website, optimized their SEO, as well as their Google Business Profile, after only 6 months, they started to rank for a search term that has more than 2,500 monthly searches which was "used tires in Edmonton". The NBS team was thrilled with these results and continue to have a gain in rankins on Google.

What we are doing

We continue to provide NBS with website updating as well as updating their SEO to help them rank higher for other search terms related to their business. We hope to continue to work with NBS and grow our relationship further!


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