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Bigler Custom Carpentry


Bigler Custom Carpentry is a custom epoxy business located in Saskatoon. From custom furniture, charcuterie boards, knives, and almost anything that can take an epoxy inlay, they have you covered!

Bigler Custom Carpentry: Custom Epoxy Workers

Bigler Custom Carpentry is a custom epoxy business located in Warman Saskatchewan. They can do everything from furniture, charcuterie boards, knives, dinning tables, logo design, coasters and almost anything you could think of. The best part about it all, it's all custom handcrafted products that contain epoxy inlay designs.

What they offer:

1. Custom Epoxy Charcuterie Boards

2. Custom Epoxy Knives

3. Custom Epoxy Furniture

4. Custom Epoxy Designs

5. Custom Epoxy Coasters

6. Custom Epoxy Wine Caddies

7. Corporate Branding

What we've done for them:

1. Custom Website Design

2. Google Business Profile Creation & Optimization

3. Search Engine Optimization

The work we have done for Bigler Custom

We first came across Bigler Custom Carpentry at the Saskatoon Farmers Market where they have Street Stall Saturdays just outside our office . We were immediately drawn to the Bigler's booth after seeing what they had laid out on their table. After meeting with David and Bonnie (the owners of BCC), they were so excited to have us get started on building them a new online store. We easily consider this to be one of our best builds yet! We decided to take a fully custom approach that really put an emphasis on not only their products, but the way their customers navigated their site. We wanted to give their customers true control over their experience throughout the site. This means seemless animations as well as on-scroll animations that only take effect as the user scrolls. They were byond excited when we first showed them their new site and were extremely pleased with what we had done.

Furthermore, we are currently helping them gain rankings in Google which has brought them more business!

What we are doing

We love that we get to continue working with Bigler Custom Carpentry and we are looking forward to watching them grow their business!


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