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On The Mark Homes


On The Mark Homes is a custom home builder located in Saskatoon. From renovations, infill projects, custom home design, and construction, they have helped every one of their clients turn their dream home into reality!

On The Mark Homes : Home Builder In Saskatoon

OTM Homes designs and builds unique custom homes not only in Saskatoon, but all around Saskatchewan. They take their clients vision of their perfect home, and make it a relaity. They are also known for their amazing work on the Kinsmen Home Lottery Show Homes. They are custom in the true sense of the word. Their clients rave about our ability to bring any and every detail to a reality. From timber to steel they have turned their customer's dreams into their fully custom modern living spaces.

What they offer:

1. Custom Home Designing & Construction

2. Rennovations

3. Infill Projects

What we've done for them:

1. Custom Website Design

2. Google Business Profile Optimization

3. Search Engine Optimization

The work we have done for OTM

On The Mark homes is a custom home builder in every sense of the word. We wanted to help them showcase their beautiful modern custom homes to the best of our ability. We've provided On The Mark users with a seemless experience with easy navigation and contact points that are easy for his audience to find. As you scroll your way through the site, our seemless transitions and endless flow make it feel as though you are gliding through their website.

Another big piece to the puzzle was helping OTM rank higher in Google search engines as well as Google Business Profile listings. Being that they do a bulk of their work in Saskatoon, that was made as our main target. Now, for terms such as "custom homes", "custom home builders" and "custom homes in Saskatoon", you can find OTM in the top 3 spots in Google around Saskatoon.

What we are doing

We continue to provide On The Mark with webiste updating as needed, whether that be adding a new home to the gallery or project section, as well as continuing to improve on their Google rankings. We are thrilled to be working with such a passionate team at On The Mark and are you looking forward to continuing to work for them!


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