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Bayer Creative


Kayn Bayer, owner of Bayer Creative is passionate about filmmaking & video production. He's been able to provide high quality films & photos to his clients throughout Saskatoon and western Canada.

Bayer Creative: Local Photographer In Saskatoon

Bayer Creative Photograhy is a local photographer based out of Saskatoon. What started out with buying a camera and playing around around and seeing what it can do, quickly turned into a passion that owner Kane is extremely excited about.

What they offer:

1. Real Estate Photography/ Videography

2. Automotive Photography/ Videography

3. Portrait Photography

4. Restaurant Photography/ Videography

5. Wedding Photography/ Videography

What we've done for them:

1. Custom Website Design

2. Google Business Profile Creation

The work we have done for Bayer Creative

Being a full time student, he usually has down time during the summer and thought he would take his photography skills and business to the next level and thought the perfect place to start would be a website. Cue Prairie Tide Tech. We wanted to provide Bayer Creative with something that would really wow his potential clientele. After only a couple meetings with Kane, we were able to get a full understanding of what he wanted. He wanted something that flowed nicely, a modern look, and most importantly easy navigation. We gave Kane the full package. Being a photographer, we had lots of photo content to work with which made our job a lot easier (and way more fun). We managed to showcase Bayer Creative and his photography skills through seamless interactions, steady scrolling as well as intricate mouse hover animations that really help him stand out.

What we are doing

We continue to talk and work with Bayer Creative to se how we can improve on what he currently has as well as provide consultations on how he can better his web presence. We are honored to to work with someone as passionate as Kane and are more than excited to see where he can take this business!


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