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"SEO" stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it's what you need to start using if you want your business to grow. SEO helps businesses increase their organic exposure in the search engines like Google. The main goal of SEO is to make any page or website rank higher online than what they would have naturally; this can be done by making sure that everything on the site follows what Google wants (for example, having unique title tags and unique meta description tags). There are many benefits associated with implementing an effective SEO campaign for your company; some include increased visitors, more sales leads, better brand awareness, and increased customer loyalty.

How do we use SEO to rank your website?

To start, we make sure every page on your website has a unique title tag. This tells Google what the page should be ranked for. A good example of what not to do would be if all your pages had the same exact title - that's essentially telling Google that this entire site can only rank for that one phrase or word! Instead of this, we make sure each individual webpage has its own specific keywords as their titles so they will stand out from others in search results. Additionally, we make sure each meta description tag follows what you want it to rank for too! we don't forget about using H tags either! having an HTML sitemap created also helps your website rank higher.

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