Thomas Simon

Hi there! My name is Thomas Simon and I am the Head of Operations here at Prairie Tide Technologies. I am a marketing and Google My Business expert with over 3 years of in depth experience with search engine optimizing.

Ranking Businesses at the top of Google

Since beginning my venture with Prairie Tide Technologies, me and my team have managed to help local businesses increase traffic, conversions and user retention through our most effective digital services.

The way we have managed to successfully rank businesses on Google have been through:

  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Custom Web Design
  • In depth Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization

Nothing is more important to me than then my team and the clients I work with

I would have never guessed I would be where I am at and work with the wonderful people I work with, but I am beyond grateful to be able to provide effective digital solutions to help grow local companies. Being able to help my clients grow their business and to see them realize their goals and dreams is why I do what I do.

Thomas Simon

Head of Operations

Thomas (but you can call him Tom) is your trusted Google My Business expert.

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